The Vital Role of Zinc in Natural Health

The mineral zinc plays a vital role in many healthy body functions. For example, zinc is necessary in the proper working of the immune and digestive systems.  Zinc also aids in energy metabolism and the healing of wounds. Diabetics and people with skin conditions benefit greatly from zinc.

For the most part zinc is found muscle mass, body organs, blood cells and the skin. Many enzymes require zinc to function normally.  A deficiency of zinc in our bodies causes a number of less-than-healthy conditions. These can include fatigue and hair loss, loss of appetite, digestive problems and unhealthy skin conditions.

Zinc promotes more rapid wound healing and is of great value to those with prostate disorders. As well, taking extra zinc is beneficial in decreasing the duration and severity of colds and infections. Pregnant women have an increased need for zinc in the activity of increased cell production.

Zinc Works As An Antioxidant

Zinc also works as an antioxidant and that makes it an essential nutrient for immune system strength and health. On the cellular level, zinc is beneficial to the immune systems ability to seek out and destroy disease causing viruses, bacteria and damaged free-radical cells. For those with hair-loss problems, a zinc supplement may help prevent this condition.

For those who suffer from chronic fatigue, fish oil which is very rich in zinc is recommended. Fish oil and the level of zinc it contains is also known to be helpful for dealing with depression and stress-related issues. In addition, this versatile mineral can avoid the weakening of bone tissue and is effective in protecting eye health.

Zinc is available in a wide variety of familiar foods. These include meat and meat-based products, fish, vegetables and greens, nuts and seeds and whole grains.

Because zinc is an essential mineral and a zinc deficiency can cause all sorts of unhealthy problems, it is a good idea to take a zinc supplement like male extra and/or a dietary multi-vitamin and mineral supplement containing zinc. In this way you bridge the nutritional gap between the nutrients you get from the food you eat and the amount of nutrition your body actually needs to stay in good health and wellness.

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