How Male Extra Compares to Erectile Dysfunction Prescription Drugs

Most manufacturers of penis enhancement products, including Albion Medical, are of the conviction that the best way to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is to use organic enhancement products. At the forefront of these organic products is Male Extra, a natural male enhancement pill that provides healthy, enjoyable sex and a major confidence boost.

The ingredients in Male Extra are various aphrodisiacs and botanicals that have been in use for hundreds and even thousands of years in cultures all around the world. The product contains Bioperine, Damiana, and Tribulus- all of which are very powerful enhancement ingredients. And Bioperine cannot be found in any other make enhancement pills on the market.

While other products, such as Viagra, have had success in treating ED, these products usually require a prescription to use. They contain many chemical ingredients, like croscarmellose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and calcium hydrogen phosphate.

Some of the ingredients in prescription ED medications have found to be incompatible with the ingredients in their medications. Nitroglycerin is often used in heart medication, and when it interacts with ED products, it can create a number of unpleasant side effects. These include dizziness, intestinal tract problems, loss of vision and loss of sensation. For those who experience these symptoms, immediate medical assistance is highly recommended.

From Male Extra own website, the pill treats more than just ED. It can also correct an undersized penis during sexual intercourse; it can assist with premature ejaculation and improve sexual desire.

Most ED medications treat arterial hypertension and add other benefits for intercourse, but they can only be taken about an hour before intercourse. Natural enhancers, on the other hand, can be taken at any time of the day.

The organic male enhancement manufacturers claim that their products come with no significant health risks. This is because their enhancers are made from all natural ingredients. Someone who takes Male Extra, for example, can enjoy immediate benefits from taking the pill. As soon as the pill is digested, it will improve the regularity of the heart’s beats, bring cholesterol down and improve blood pressure.

Medications to treat ED can come in two forms- oral and non-oral. These types can come in various forms as well, such as suppositories, injections, surgical implants or vacuums. Some of these methods are quite painful, particularly since they may need to be inserted into the tip of the penis. And many of them can result in only short-term benefits. This means that users may need to be continually injected or operated on to receive lasting benefits.

One such method- penis pumping- is an arduous task that needs to be done each time the user is going to have intercourse. But with all-natural enhancers, the pills can be taken throughout the day, whenever it is convenient. And they provide a pleasing erection without any of the pain or hassle of other ED treatments.

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